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The Magic Hour

“Twice each day the cool, blue light of night interacts with the warm tones of daylight. Luckily for color photographers, these events, though predictable, are not consistent. For a full hour at either end of the day colors of light mix together in endless combinations, as if someone in the sky were shaking a kaleidoscope.” Galen Rowell (1940-2002)

We strive to capture the light that transforms land, sea and the legacy of man into a scene that stirs the emotions and senses. More often than not, this quality of light can be found during the ‘magic hour’ that Galen Rowell describes in his classic book “Mountain Light”. Our aim is to communicate the beauty of the world, natural or man-made, in the mood that has been illuminated by the conditions. We hope the viewer will share our anticipation and excitement as the light unfolds.
Magic Hour

Biography - Kah Kit Yoong

Photographer (2005-)

If you have arrived at this website, you don't want to read a load of junk about me. Just check out the galleries to learn about me, the photographer. If you're interested in my thoughts about photography and travel, there are a lot of words on my blog.

Awards - Kah Kit Yoong

Popular Photography 2007 : Your Best Shot 1st Place
ANZANG 2007 : Botanical Subject Highly Commended
Nature Photographers Magazine 1st Place Editor's Pick Annual Awards 2007
Travel Photographers Network : Photographer of the Year 2007
ANZANG 2008 : Wilderness Landscape Highly Commended, exhibition
Digital Camera : Photographer of the Year 2008 Highly Commended Landscape
Naturescapes : Landscape Image of the Year 2008 1st place and Elements of Humankind Honorable Mention
Naturescapes : Travel and Culture Image of the Year 2009, Honorable Mention
Nature's Best : Ocean Views 2009 Highly Honoured
ANZANG 2009 : Wilderness Landscape and Botanical Subject, Highly Commended, exhibition
International Conservation Photography Awards 2010 : 2nd place Landscape and Honorable Mention Wildlife
Veolia/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 : Runner up in Wild Places
Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year : 2 images commended in Urban View
ANZANG 2010 : Runner up in Wilderness Landscape
Veolia/BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 : Highly Commended in Animals in their Environment
ANZANG 2011 : Winner in Threatened Species, Highly commended in Wilderness Landscape and Our Impact
Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Award 2011 : Highly commended in Oceans
2011 Digital Camera Magazine : Photographer of the Yeat, 1st place Landscapes
ANZANG 2012 : Winner in Black and White, 2 images commended in Interpretive