galleries: London 2009-2010 (updated 25 November)

               	London, night, panorama, Thames, cityscape, Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben
Trafalgar Square, London, night, twilight, fountains, clouds
Monument, London, architecture, blue sky, clouds, buildings, perspective, black and white
Buckingham Palace, sunset, night, long exposure, light trails, cars, Victoria, monument, Pall Mall, London
Southwark, cathedral, church, gothic, architecture, London, ceiling, black and white
               	Millennium Bridge, London, St Paul's, London, red, black and white
               	London Eye, abstract, dawn, Westminster, bridge, England
               	Savile Row, Mayfair, London, bespoke, James Bond, tailoring
               	St Bartholomew the Great, London, interior, church, St Barts
               	Parthenon, marbles, British museum, London
               	British Museum, great court, London, architecture
               	bus, London, Westminster, bridge, sunrise, double decker, eye
               	tube, London, underground, station
               	Tube, London, black and white, converging, patterns
               	Twinings, tea, shop, London
               	Rain, London, Shoreditch, umbrella, graffiti, street art
               	London, cafe, coffee, Brick Lane, East end
               	Canary wharf, London, night
               	fountains, Trafalgar square, London
               	Rolls Royce, reflection, London, Knightsbridge
               	Westminster Bridge, London, red, bus, clouds, sunrise
               	London, classic, romantic, black and white, lamp, rain, umbrella
               	London, Millennium bridge, rainbow, light, St Paul's, cathedral, dome